And this is my blank canvas.

I feel the most alive with a paintbrush in my hand. I live and paint from my Vancouver apartment with the ocean waves and city lights in the background. It’s the perfect contrast of sea and sky, of bright and dim, of bold and soft. I believe that happiness is a blank canvas with an endless supply of paint.


My style is semi-abstract and imaginative with a dose of realism. I see the world in lines, shapes and colours, and I draw the details most people forget to notice. I paint my surroundings – landscapes, nature, trees and birds. I want to transfer you to somewhere else.

I’m self-taught so I’ve created my own technique. I use acrylic on canvas (because I don’t have the patience for oil to dry) and I gravitate towards bright colours and opposing elements.

With my paintbrush I can create anything – a world undiscovered, an emotional moment, a fleeting thought. Nothing is out of reach. To me, art is limitless.

It's not just the art – it's what lies beneath the paint that matters.




I’m on a mission to create art with love, compassion and no limitations. This is art that moves, speaks and tells a story – not just my story, but also your story. Everyone has their own perception of what a piece of art truly says. You decide on the meaning of your painting. It’s a beautiful secret for your heart to keep.

It’s not just the art; it’s what lies beneath the paint that matters.




An artist leaves a piece of their soul in every work of art. I would love to connect and get to know you and the home my art is going to. Reach me directly at alexandrateed@hotmail.com